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Leave All the Work to Our Tree Contractor in San Jose, CA

Are you having issues with the trees on your property? Are they damaged or do they need specific attention? Whatever the trees need, they can be a piece of work, which is why you should leave the tree work to a tree contractor such as Agri-Con Tree Care Professionals. We can handle all of the trees of your property in San Jose, CA with ease.

Why Hire Pros?

Trees are difficult to handle, especially if they are particularly large. Even if you are only going to water it, if you do it too often, you might be causing more harm than good. You have to be able to determine what kind of steps to take to maintain or improve the health of the trees and that includes getting rid of dangerous trees, trimming branches, applying fertilizer if needed, and so much more. Leave all the work to professionals like us so that you won’t have to worry about a thing!

Leave the Tree Work to Us!

Our services involve the tree work that you need so that your trees will be in good shape. We will inspect the trees first to see if there’s anything out of the ordinary. We’ll check for signs of decay and whatnot so that the damage can be fixed before it’s too late. We can apply fertilizer or mulch of the soil where the tree is growing on will have the nutrients that the roots need. We’ll even trim the branches or remove the entire tree if it cannot be saved or if it is causing too many problems. Book our services and your trees will be in good hands.

Agri-Con Tree Care Professionals is a tree contractor who can handle all of the trees on your property. Do you need help in dealing with the trees in your backyard San Jose, CA? There’s no need to wait. Call us at (408) 209-6895 right away!