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Our Impeccable Tree Service in San Jose, CA

Agri-Con Tree Care Professionals has been providing expert tree care and services in the San Jose, CA area since 1998. Our company is built with the reputation of being the best in the area when it comes to vegetation solutions. When we provide our expert tree service, we always have quality and customer satisfaction in mind.

Tree Removal and Cutting

Trees in the forest do just fine but the ones in an urban setting can be dangerous. While trees can add appeal to your property, sometimes they pose a threat and if not evaluated properly, they might cause accidents like some branches falling. An entire tree might fall down on your property, too. Before we start chopping away at your trees, what we do first is discussing options with you. Once we arrive at your home, we will evaluate the status of the tree that you want to be cut. If you are in doubt whether you want a tree to be removed or not, we will make sure it is not a threat to your property. We will then discuss tree service options for you which include:

Crown Cleaning – this process involves removing dead or dying and weak branches from a tree. This will ensure that the branches will not accidentally fall on you or your property without cutting the tree.

Thinning – pruning of branches will reduce weight and retain the tree’s natural form.

Reduction – A tree usually is a danger to electrical wires and one of the common causes of fires. We will reduce the size of a tree if it is a danger to transmission lines.

Removal – We can also remove the tree entirely and ground out the stump to ensure that the tree will not grow back again.

Agri-Con Tree Care Professionals provides expert and professional tree service in the San Jose, CA area for over 15 years. As a professional tree care provider, we always aim for long-lasting relationships with our clients. For expert tree cutting and trimming, call us now at (408) 209-6895 or visit our office.