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Hire a Trusted Tree Contractor in San Jose, CA That Can Help You with Permit Processing

Many property owners believe that calling a tree contractor is the only thing that they have to do when they need to remove a tree from their yard or if they’d like to have all of their trees professionally pruned. However, this isn’t exactly the case! Depending on where you live, you might need to get a tree permit before you can proceed with your project. Fortunately, if you’re in San Jose, CA, you don’t have to worry since Agri-Con Tree Care Professionals is ready to help you with the permit process. Reach out to our team now!

When Do You Need to Get a Tree Permit?

Different places have different rules regarding tree permits, so it’s important to contact your local authorities to know what the regulations are and find out exactly what type of permits you must obtain. In many places, a permit is needed to prune or cut down trees that are in public spaces. Some cities and municipalities even require permits to prune or remove trees that are in private properties, especially when the tree in question is a protected species.

Tree Permit Processing: Should You DIY or Not?

It’s possible to apply for tree permits all by yourself. But why put yourself through a lot of stress when you can outsource the task to us? By using our professional solutions, you’re assured that our team will handle every phase of the permit process and that all the required permits will be obtained before your project even begins. To save time and effort and spare yourself from the hassle of DIY permit process, get the help of our trusted experts today.

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