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Clear Signs Your Trees Need Trimming  

Keeping well-trimmed trees is essential if you want to maintain the safety and condition of your lawn. As a property owner, you should know the right time to cut the limbs and branches. If you see these signs, call a tree contractor for pruning assistance:

Affected Power Lines

Never overlook checking your electrical lines and make sure no tree branches are touching them. Why? It can be very risky and dangerous, especially if you leave it as it is. When ignored, it can lead to an intermittent power supply or even cause a fire. Don’t wait for the worst to happen! Make sure the branches are removed carefully by an expert to avoid mishaps and electrocution. 

Hanging or Rotten Limbs

Easy to identify. There are many reasons why limbs hang or rot. It is either because of strong winds or disease. You need to remove them immediately because you never know when it will fall on someone’s roof or head. If you tend to it quickly, you’ll save yourself from paying out for hospital bills, property damage liability, and listening to a yelling neighbor. Call a tree contractor for clean and safe results. 

Unhealthy Garden

Take a gander at the surrounding areas around the trunks. If the plants and grass are beginning to look brown and unhealthy, it might be because the canopy is too big. Your greenery needs sunlight and rain to thrive and bloom. Because the leaves and limbs of the trees block it, your other plants won’t get the nutrients they need. If you maintain well-trimmed evergreens, you’ll enjoy a healthy lawn all year. 

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