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Mistakes Made During Tree Pruning

Prune the Right Way

Have you been pruning your trees all by yourself? If you have, have you noticed any positive changes in them? Owners can often make mistakes during the pruning process that they end up damaging or hurting their trees instead of promoting healthy growth. You should always be vigilant and spot the signs right away and know if you are making these common mistakes during tree pruning:

Nipping too much

You should make sure that you do not nip too much because this would only make matters worse. You should also make sure that you are nipping the right things. You should not nip any healthy buds or anything that might cause the infection to worsen. Make sure to only nip the infected parts or even the dying ones.

Forgetting other care tasks

When you prune your trees, do you also do the other care and maintenance tasks needed? If you do not then it would be useless to prune your trees regularly. You need to make sure that you provide your trees with the right type of care and maintenance and that you do not forget other responsibilities with regards to their health.

Using the wrong tool

Are you sure that you are using the right tool for pruning? Some people think they are but they are actually using something that is not for pruning but for cutting. You might nip off more than you intended or the cut may not be as smooth as you need it.

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