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Commonplace Mistakes To Avoid When Cutting

Common Tree Trimming Mistakes Which Can Result In The Death Of Your Tree

Trimming your trees is an essential part of looking after them. It helps to promote healthy growth and prevent accidents. Yet, it can also result in unwelcome diseases or unappealing look. This is because of certain mistakes that can harm your trees. Which are the common mistakes to avoid when cutting the plant? Here are a few of the commonplace errors to keep way from when pruning offered by a specialist tree trimming service provider.

Topping or cropping the top crown of the tree

One of the common tree pruning mistakes is cropping or topping. This involves removing the top branches of the tree. This results in the plant getting horribly deformed and unappealing. Topping or cropping should be also avoided as it causes weakening of the branch structure and can make it more vulnerable to storm damage. This drastic measure is quite common for blooming species or ones which are planted too close to utility lines. As a result, it leads to the deformation of the plants which are among the first to be seen.

Choosing the incorrect time to perform the task

Another common mistake is choosing the wrong time to perform the tree pruning. Each species of topiary has its appropriate time for pruning. For example, red oak should be trimmed from July to January when there is less risk of oak wilt, a disease which is quite common and harmful to the species. Also, you ought not to prune if the plant is stressed as this is only going to harm the plant instead of helping it. To determine when you should prune the tree you have, check the recommended times on the Internet, based on the species and your region. You can also consider speaking to a professional.

Performing the cutting sequence in the wrong order

Another frequent error that can harm your tree to the point you need to schedule a tree removal service is to perform the cutting sequence in an incorrect order. When pruning your trees, it is vital that you follow the proper order of cuts. This will prevent damage such as peeled off trunk bark or wounds which do not close. Such mistakes include clipping the branch off first without making a guide cut on the underside. And flushing or severing the limb off completely, including the branch collar which provides the cells which close the wound, thus protecting the tree against infections.

There are many commonplace mistakes to avoid when cutting. If you want to find out about the mistakes to prevent, contact a professional tree cutting service such as Agri-Con Tree Care Professionals in San Jose, CA.